Sadly, the Brasserie Du Vin is no longer in business, but if you loved French food, you would have adored the Brasserie Du Vin. This is not the official website of the restaurant, but we wanted to set something up for fans of it to visit as a reminder of those good times. Brasserie Du Vin had a simple, casual feel to it, some would call it rustic. You always felt relaxed in the Brasserie Du Vin, there was no need to get dressed up to the nines, but even if you did, you would still feel comfortable. Everyone felt at home in this restaurant.

Whether you visited just for a drink, or for a three course meal, you’d never go away disappointed. With the restaurant being located right over the road from the Hawaii Theatre, it was the perfect place to visit before going to see a play. You could book a table before you play, then eat a delicious meal, relax with a drink or two, then it was just a small stroll to the Theatre, perfect when you’re full of delicious food and perhaps overeaten just a little. Of course it wasn’t just theatre goers that frequented the Brasserie Du Vin. It had a far reaching reputation so people would often visit from further afield.

The French style food was a delight, and went well with a fine wine from their extensive list. Always a pleasurable experience, the Brasserie Du Vin is sorely missed. From the luxurious main restaurant, to the more casual tavern-like Cask bar, then on to the relaxing outdoor patio, everywhere you sat in the Brasserie Du Vin was comfortable and enjoyable.

Locally sourced, organic produce were the highlight of many of the dishes. Everything always tastes so fresh. Did you ever try the rib eye steak sandwich? It was amazing, oozing with Swiss cheese and topped with a generous portion of flavorsome fried onions. I remember the first time I had it, I was wanting something small, so I went for a sandwich instead of an entrée, well, it was very filling indeed! The portions always were a good size.