The calendar of the Brasserie Du Vin was always packed full of events. If you wanted a fun and interesting night out, you only had to ask at the Brasserie Du Vin and they’d have something coming up within a day or two. It was brilliant just how much hard work they put into making every night at the Brasserie Du Vin fun, and making sure there was something a little different on, on a regular basis. It made each visit stand out from the crowd and every visit was always memorable.

Live music

Perhaps my very favourite time to visit the Brasserie Du Vin was when they had live music on. There’s something extra special about having a meal while watching a live singer perform. Just about every week there was music playing, usually on a Wednesday. Performers such as The Quiet Band, Shoji Ledward and Satomi Yarimozo all played at Brasserie Du Vin. It was always busy on these nights, I would always ensure to book a table if I wanted to eat a meal when there was music on. I love eating and dining at the same time, so I didn’t want to miss out!

Special dinners

There were also some special dinners that were not to be missed. They would serve up a set meal of several courses, and carefully match each course to a glass of fine wine. Not a fan of wine? Then The Brewer’s Table event may have suited you better. This ‘beer dinner’ matched your courses to an artisan beer. Lovely. Luckily these special dinners were usually served on a Friday night, you wouldn’t want to have an early morning getting up for work after one of these divine meals and just a little too much alcohol! A real treat. I feel that a meal matched with beer is something that other restaurants really should pick up on, it’s just not popular enough in my mind!


The Brasserie Du Vin also had some great special offers, there was always a great deal to be had with the fixed price set menu, and then they had other offers such as half price bottles on a Tuesday.