Regular Menu

The Brasserie Du Vin offered a wide range of tasty dishes. Where possible, all ingredients were locally sourced and organic, giving you a real taste sensation. The dishes were French in style and could be enjoyed with a drink from the extensive wine list, or one of the many other beverages available from the bar.

Smaller dishes

One of the high points of the Brasserie Du Vin regular menu was the selection of smaller dishes. Perfect for sharing, or for a light snack before a visit to the theatre over the road. You could enjoy Pomme Frites, lightly seasoned, hot and crispy. Or perhaps for a treat you may have indulged in the fresh Pacific Oysters served with fresh lemon and mignonette.


Brasserie Du Vin also served up a fabulous selection of deluxe salads. The Caprese Salad was particularly refreshing, with mozarella and sliced tomatoes. Or for a more filling salad, you may have chosen the Ahi Nicoise Salad with rare ahi, along with the classics of a Nicoise salad, boiled egg, anchovies and fingerling potatoes.


The sandwich selection at the Brasserie Du Vin was equally impressive with something to suit all tastes and all appetites. The Steak Sandwich au Poivre was exceptional, a rib-eye steak served with lashings of gooey melted Swiss cheese and fried onion, all on a filling French baguette with a side of pommes frites and a generous portion of peppercorn-sherry cream to drizzle over the top – delicious! Or for a lighter dish, the Grilled Fish sandwich was a delight. Served on a brioche bun with fresh local salad and a dill tartar sauce.


If you were looking for special meal, the Brasserie Du Vin would never disappoint. With dishes such as Pan-Seared New Zealand King Salmon, Roast Duck Breast with a raspberry gastrique and Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chops, there was something for everyone. There was always a vegan option on the menu too, such as a tasty seasonal vegan risotto, so everyone could dine at the Brasserie Du Vin, no matter what their dietary requirements were.


Additionally, there were always some great specials on the regular menu, the Du Vin Shellfish Stew was a real treat, packed full of tasty seafood.