Small Dishes

Perhaps my favourite thing to do at Brasserie Du Vin was to visit with friends and order a selection of small dishes. We all picked one dish each and shared. It was a great way to try something new that you wouldn't normally order in case you didn't like it. It was like having our own buffet, right there on the table. All the French style food was so delicious, you were never disappointed.

With a selection of dishes on the table, everyone could nibble throughout the evening. I always found it even more pleasurable then sitting down to a full three course meal. Often when you have a big meal, everyone is busy eating, especially when the food is as good as it was at the Brasserie Du Vin, that there is very little conversation. This small dishes concept really helped to keep the conversation flowing, even if most of it was about the delicious food we’d been served up.

We'd always get the pomme frites, because of course, everyone likes those and they go with everything. It was during one of these gatherings that I discovered escargot with a blue cheese sauce. I'd never tried it before but now it's top of my list whenever I visit a French restaurant. It was divine. Now whenever I order this it brings back fond memories of Brasserie Du Vin.

Another great dish to share was the Pacific oysters. With 16 oysters on the plate there was enough for everyone to have two or three and of course when you're sharing like this, it's also good for your bank balance! A few dishes, and a couple of bottles of good wine from the Brasserie Du Vin wine list and you couldn't help but have a brilliant time!

The staff were also happy to keep bringing you new dishes at regular intervals, and this is something we did like to do. We’d order a couple of dishes, then a while later we’d order a few more. That way everything stayed hot, and you always had something to keep looking forward to!